Sewing Aids

Items for Sale: Notions

These items are adaptations of handy sewing aids. I found myself in need of a new gadget, and rather than buy one, I made it instead. Some of the items became nearly addictive, so I made more. Now I cannot stop.

I was looking through one of my favorite craft books, wishing I could find a wonderful antique pin cushion. It was elegant, a mound of muted wool on top of a carved pillar of dark wood. The whole thing was then mounted on a turn table with places for spools of yarn or thread.

Later that week I was in a store looking for the perfect gift, and I came upon some small candle holders. They were dark wood, each one with a wide base. One happened to be upside down.... And I saw my antique pincushion, without the cushion.Suddenly I knew what to do.

Now these are not the size of the antique, and the wool is not as old or worn, but the spirit of the original is captured in miniature here with these tiny pin cushions.

mini pin 

I have used different colored wool to cover the pin cushion, each one a solid color. The example in the photo is a dark aqua/green but I also have a rich purple.Of course, this display shows a quilt as background and some needles and pins to help visualize the size of this tiny helping hand. These items are not included in the sale.

price: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. each Shipping First Class mail costs $2.50


These ripe strawberries look good enough to eat, but they are really designed to stylishly assist you with your sewing. They are filled with a very sharp sand that will help keep your needles sharp and make your hand crafting easier. They are made of wool, with glass beads decorating the outside. They can be used for accents in the kitchen or dining room as well. I have even used one to hang from my purse as a fun piece of jewelry. The strawberries are just about life size, approx an inch or so. Each is hand sewn. I try to make them individualized, varying the color of the berry and glass accents.

They vary in size a bit, small medium and large. The colors are burgundy, red and pink, with different accent beads on each. They are topped with green and all have a loop or catch for hanging. I love to make these, as they are each a bit different and I can mix and match beads, threads and base colors as you can see in the lower photo.


Strawberry display


The green glass bowl, clear sherbet dish, pictured above, and the pins and needles in the photo below are not sold with the items. They are not hand crafted.

price: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Shipping First Class mail costs $2.50.

I have tried to make the mailing process as simple and inexpensive as possible. Most of my product is individualized and unique so each item lists a flat rate, if that item will be shipped all by itself. But. I will calculate the shipping on the entire purchase, and ship it the cheapest way. Under 13 oz total, the cheapest shipping will be First Class mail. Over 13 oz, the purchase will be shipped Parcel Post, unless the customer wishes a different method. Shipping First Class mail costs $2.50. Multiple sales are shipped at combined weight. Parcel post shipments are $5.50, up to 3 pounds.