I love to hand sew quilts. My problem is too little time and space for too many new ideas. I have compromised by making smaller quilts that I can work on while I do other things. A doll sized quilt or a lap or baby sized quilt are my current favorite projects. I prefer hand sewing when I can, so all the quilts available on this site are created and accented by hand. I will applique and embroider each quilt as I listen to a TV show (House or Bones are current favorites) or study.

    Each quilt is made from cotton or wool. Some are backed with fleece. A quilt has three layers, but the proper name for a blanket of a top (cotton) and bottom (fleece) is a coverlet. These coverlet/quilts are lighter weight and can withstand a bit more wear and tear, perfect for a baby or a lap quilt used to curl up with a book and snacks. The fancier quilts are 100% cotton, and are great for a wall accent. These quilts are designed more for display and should be hand washed in mild detergent and warm water.

    I have found that a quilt for a doll or teddy bear of 18" is just about perfect for a small project I can bring along with me to keep me occupied as I wait for, well anything. I have been known to sew while waiting for a train or in line at the grocery store. Some of the available quilts are the perfect size for a doll that is about one-fifth the size of the typical owner. Each quilt is unique and created with that special doll lover, who will cherish the quality and craft as much as I do.

    The smaller quilts can also be used as accents for teddy bears, as table toppers or accents for picture groupings or other knickknack displays. Most are 18 inches by 24, and each is labeled with the exact size.

    Please take a look, as the selection changes frequently. I try to show new products as often as possible.